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With over 20 years of culinary experience across the U.S. and around the world, French cuisine chef, chocolatier and candy maker, Shekoh Moossavi founded Shekoh… A luxury confection company that's focused on incorporating the flavors of ancient Persian cuisine into its confections.

A Unique Flagship Product

Shekoh's flagship confection product is the Persian nougat. In crafting her own version of this popular treat, Shekoh's influence was the traditional way of making Persian nougat from centuries ago. Her creative inspiration has been the delicate flavors and textures of the "boldaaji" nougat or "gaz" made in the suburbs of Isfahaan, Iran. Gaz, or the Persian nougat, has been a passion of Shekoh's since her childhood. She spent years learning the methods and understanding the centuries-old traditions behind this ancient Persian confection. Shekoh is now ready to make this irresistible treat for everyone who love this confection as much as she does.

An Artisan of Fine Luxury Confections

Shekoh is passionately committed to utilizing only the best ingredients and tools with respect to tradition to deliver the highest quality hand crafted confections to its customers. Obtaining the best possible ingredients from local farms when possible and using the proper techniques is a key focus, as is Shekoh's strong belief in farm-to-table principles.

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